This trip...

So, I figure that it would be apropriate to contribute to the SLO Buddies journal before hearing about all of those travellers. Right now you're all humping through the cobblestone streets and various hore-houses of the wonderous Western Europe. I'm now wondering if I even spelled "hore" right, but that doesn't matter because it's not going to be spelled that way in another country.

I'd like to say that I'm looking forward to your thoughts and experiences throughout the trip. It will allow me to, in some way, experience the madness of your travels. From eye-oppenning conversations with burnt-out, aging, Irish pub junkies, to the awe-inspiring earthy European muses with the bird tatoos on their shoulders; I want to know all of it. Especially those muses. Old mariners are cool too, but not as cool as the women. You will learn both. You will prosper from your journeys.

As an ending note, I want you all to know that I'm looking forward to seeing you guys when you get back, and that I'm sorry for not giving a formal "goodbye". maybe this list of rules may help you on your way:

1) No absinthe AFTER you've started drinking.
2) Even if you know the girl's name in the morning, Check your little man for the clap.
3) If you happen to go up any tall landmarks, hold Ben's hand. He could fall.
4) No heroin in Amsterdam.
5) Keep it real.

If you follow these rules, there shouldn't be anything preventing you from rocking it hardcore. And please, I reiterate, PLEASE hold Ben's hand, not literally, but you know what I mean. If a visit to San Francisco almost got him raped, what could Europe be like?

Missin' you guys,
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Drink-i-nest-est PHOTO!

this isn't the drunkest picture, but it sure is one of the highest:

Here's one of the drunkest taken in DJ's:

And here's the topper:

So, hopefully Nate will be able to judge I the only one doing this anyway?
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A contest!

Because not much is happening here and I'm bored, I decided I'm going to make a little quick contest. Post the drunkest photo you have of yourself here and the winner gets ten bucks. It can't be you passed out because that's too easy. Your face has to look like a train wreck.
Photos from New Years or Thanksgiving work to. And you guys can all vote on it and shit like that. I'll pay the ten bucks if more than 5 guys participate. If you don't know how to put things on the internets, use photobucket.

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What up gangsters?

Hey everybody! I just want to let all you know that it is absolutly awesome living in Caifornia. It's 530 and 70 degrees outside with a nice cool breeze. Joe, just so you know, my window is wide open and I'm not wearing a shirt. I do believe that the weather this week has been the definition of perfect. This has also been midterm week, but, due to good scheduling on my part, it has not effected me at all. See, what I do is schedule my studyin to times that best suit the test date, such as the night before or the morning of. Also, I have ten pages of writting due next week which I should get started on tonight. Instead, being the studious Irvinite that I am, I am choosing to get hammered with the AKO girls and make a fool of myself. College has taught me some very valuable life skills that I hope to apply to my future career. I cannot express how perfect the weather is right now. It's absolutly amazing.

Also, this summer I want to rent my own place. Apartments are cheap because Poly students want to sublease them over the summer. So far I have found a house actually that costs 800 a month. It does have two bedrooms so idealy I would want a suitemate (if there is intrest). If i cant find one I will try and find another place that isnt quite as sweet. Anyone in SLO please keep an ear open for people looking to sublease over the summer. fat parties and mega drunkness would insue me having my own piece of prop.

Peace gangsters

The Good Things

Recently I had the utmost pleasure of meeting the brothers Connor and Murphy McManus. If any of you have not seen the extrodinary film, Boondock Saints I suggest you do yourself justice, sit down and allow yourself to be innundated with modern film masterpiece. I'll be watching it again for the second night in a row. Epic.

SB Bizness


I find myself sitting, staring at my computer screen listening to the crooning of Stan Rogers after a night of drunken revelry, again. Santa Barbara life is good. With no lack of female visual delights and with constantly pleasent weather I am content. But I can't help but think back on the times we all shared throughout High School. In the words of Shaft, we were "Some bad motha...Shut yo mouths." But honestly, aside from a handful of nights here in Santa Barbara, very few things compare to the times we had in high school. Maybe it's not so much a departure as a change into something new, that needs to get used to. Never the less, there is alot happening here right now.

I am so excited to be apart of this Improv group. The older members are really funny and very passionate about their art. I had my first professional Improvisation training yesterday with a character named Stan Wells. The inventor of "clap in" long form. Seeing that "clap in" is my favorite Improv style, he was like a god. A balding, overweight, 45 year old god. He had us do some really interesting Improvs. The ones that I found the most fascinating were the "Waiting for Godot" improvs. We were not allowed to reference anything from the past or the future, we were allowed only to be in the present. He would set up the scene with a couple of chairs or one chair or having the actors repeat an action. He would then tell one of the actors to perform an action that was then repeated by the partner. After three repitions the actors were allowed to talk. One of the most poignant moments I took from the session was his view on Improv, "Improv is the perfect artform, everything an Improver does is once in a lifetime, no two are the same, what you share with the audience will never happen again." Or something like that. It was good times. We have shows every Friday and I can feel the chemistry in the group beginning to click.

15 Units. Italian 2, History 4a Western Civilizations, Geography 3a Physical Geography, and Intro to Acting. My intro to acting teacher is not very good. Sprague could do better. However our only graded assingment has been a lipsync which was enjoyable. The Jackson 5 would be proud. Italian 2 is proving to be a challenge and I really should study more. Western Civ. and Geography are fairly simple for myself because it covers alot of material that I have already learned.

This weekend I believe that my friend from Northern California is heading back home, hopefully bringing back copious amounts of the finest ganja in the land with him. The prices I believe go like this, 40 dollars for a quarter and 150 for an ounce. Wow. West Coast shit. Last night was ridiculous. And not like the tripping on drugs all day on Islay ridiculous. It was ridiculous in the sense that people are wack ass mofo's sometimes. Last night I participated in a "Power Hour" which was grate and another fellow that we were with (who is not unlike Chris Rorrick) decided to do a "Century Club". The theory behind a "Power Hour" is you take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Therefore a "Century Club" is 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Lets just say he is a beast warrior and suceeded not only in avoiding ralphing but also almost coming to blows with my roomate over some stupid shit. Last night was not the best ever. However with Improvabiltiy hosting a kegger for the Super-Bowl, things are looking up.


Future residents of 6710 Trigo lane aka: Pimpmaster's guild. Be prepared for the craziness to come. The house is awesome, we just have to pray that the current residents dont burn the place down. Cannot wait. Pimp Colonel Cameron needs to come and view his abode.

That just about wraps it up around here. Recently had the Felch experience, fucking awesome. Brennan will be preforming in a mainstage play soon here, should be super good. I would suggest buying tickets for the 3/4 of February and we'll make a night out of it. Improvabiltiy performs every Friday at 8 and 9:30, werds. I have to sign off now, get laid. Lots of laids.

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(no subject)

- I've been sick for about 3 weeks now, with the god damn common cold

+ Signed the lease to a house I will be living in with Stef, Brennan, Bryan, Jordan, James, and Sean.

+ the house is awesome

+ I graduate in about 5 weeks

- thats still way to long

- classes are really bad and dull

+ ben and I suffer through it like kosher beast warriors

+ still going out with brittany, she's way awesome

- I still can't find an xbox 360

+ I have alot I need to read (dunes, dark towers)

+ got some good tunes lately (panic, motioncity)

- my cel phone sometimes works/is ridiculous/ghetto

+ tattoo healed

+ I have made all my dishes/glasses for my house (cermaics VII way kosh)

+ a7x concert this month, HIMSA next! and then the mother of all concerts BODOM in SF

+ been saunaing with Ben alot lately... hella fuckin' ladeled.

+ bought plane tix for europe, currently booking hostels, hell yeah: ireland, england, france, germany, austria, turkey (erg... i mean hungary), Czech Republic, italy, spain for 7 and 1/2 weeks